Surface roughness

Technology Hot forging High pressure die casting Gravity die casting aluminium
State in Ra hot Aluminium Brass Zamak  
Roughness after forging or casting operation 0.5 à 1 0.5 à 1 Minimum 0.5 and maximum depending on the wear of the mould 0.5 à 1 4 à 9
After shot blasting stainless steel balls 4 4 4 3  
After shot blasting brass 2 / 4 / /
After tribofininiton 1 à 2 1   0.5 4 à 9

Ra: unit of roughness measurement corresponding to the average distance between successive peaks and valleys of the monitored surface.

Technique of shot blasting is the process of blasting the surface of parts with particles of different materials in order to change the surface structure. This improves the appearance of the part and makes it homogeneous.

The tribofininiton is a process for deburring and polishing the surface of metal parts. The workpieces are inserted into vibrating tanks with deburring or polishing chips (stones of different shapes). By rotating or vibrating, abrasion is produced on the surface and edges of the parts.

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