Our history

Personnel1947: Creation of the anonym company MCT by Henry Oser at FRIESEN (68) and at DELLE (90) with the following acitvities: Inox cold forming sand and gravity cast for aluminium alloys

First factory, now destroyed

CouvertMCT1970: Taking part to the first MIDEST that took place in NANCY.
1975: Developpement of clean products like brass fitting (patented S.G.D.G) approuved by the Laboratoire National d'essais. Modification of the company's name by "Mécaniques et Constructions Techniques" after the introduction of new industrial technologies : Hot forging and non ferrous products machining (copper, brass, aluminium), non ferrous alloys high pressure die casting (brass and aluminium).
1976: Building new offices in Delle.
1978: FRIESEN site permanently shut down.
1980: Introduction of IT tools for management, wage and accounting
1983: Implementation of CAMM (Computer Aided Machining and Manufacturing). This product has been internaly developped and installed in order to better control its utillisation and performance. The installation of this software, which was spread over two years, enabled us to highlight many dysfunctions on the existing system production and to fix them. This resulted in a significant increase of our productivity.
Personnel1985: Introduction of a Quality Assurance procedure to meet the demand of our customers.
1987: Automation of production stations by installing robot manipulators to reduce the arduous tasks and improve the productivity of these stations.
1988: Project to integrate CNC machines in the field of production as well as to realize our manufacturing tools. This first step led us to use a 3D CAD / CAM system (Computer Aided Design in 3 dimensional wired) to optimize the realization of tooling.
1990: In-depth study of steels for the improvement of tooling life. This study allows us to define a range of reliable tooling production with good reproducibility over time.
1991: General introduction of the Statistical Process Control (SPC) with the investment of control devices.
1992: Takeover of the company "Matriçage de l'Est" of Delle and creation of MATEST.
1993: Takeover of the foundry department of the company MGF from Ronchamp (70) and creation of the company "NOVEA Foundry".
1994: The design office is re-equipped with a high-end 3D volume CAD / CAM system.
1996: Equipment of a control system with a 3D control machine with surface control of complex shapes.
1999: Takeover of "Fontech" de Seppois (68) and creation of the company "ALSAFOND".
2001: Construction launch  of a new 6500 m2 buiding in DELLE in the industrial area of ​​the Technoparc Franco-Suisse.Usine
2002: ISO 9001 certification - 2000 version of ALSAFOND
2003: Investment in a 64-axis machining transfer machine.
2004: Progressive implementation in the new factory.
2005: End of installation in the new factory of Delle.
2006: Construction of the Lynx Industrie's bulding in the suburbs of Tunis (Tunisia).Usine Construction
2007: MCT and MATEST move in new premises.
2008: Publication of the third version of the website www.mct-groupe.com.
2009: Acquisition of a stake in Coublanc Stores.
2011: Jasmine revolution in Tunisia.
2012: Death of the MCT creator: Mr. Henri OSER.
2016: Update of the MCT website (fourth version).

2017: 70 years since the creation of the company.

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