Characteristics of the different Surface treatments on non-ferrous alloys

Description of the document:

Description of the characteristics of the surface treatments carried out on non-ferrous metals for the processes: - Anodising - Burnishing - Passivation - Surtec 650 - Chrome plating - Nickel plating - Gilding - Silvering - Copper plating - Tinning - Dichromate zinc plating - Powder coating and lacquering - Varnishing

Key words of the document:

Anodisation OAS, Anodisation OAS décoration, Anodisation OAD, Anodisation OAC, Anodisation OAST, Brunissage, Passivation, Surtec 650, Chromage décor, Chromage dur, Nickelage électrolytique, Nickelage chimique haut phosphore, Dorure, Argenture, Cuivrage, Etamage, Zingage bichromatage, Thermolaquage (Peinture poudre), Laquage, vernis époxy, vernis polyester, vernis polyuréthane, vernis glycérophtalique, vernis hydrosoluble

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